Work Schedule

The library distributes works for specialists inside the library
Each specialist is committed to the department assigned to it within the sections
There is what it is called Digital Library project as follows: _
Digital Library Project
      Providing a unified E-portal that meets the research and educational needs of the university through providing all the sources of information and reaseach both to be available in electronic form that is contracted through the cover of the Supreme Council of Universities in collaboration with the University of Beni Suef to be available for free via the World Wide Web or available in the local repositories of libraries, databases and indexes libraries ... etc.

    The project's message is to build a modern digital library of the university that is available for all to search in the collection libraries,  link other university libraries, other institutions of higher education of the Egyptian scientific and research institutions in the provision of information services that share the same disciplines in order to develop the information services they provide, as well as the participation and cooperation, the acquisition and integration of the operations, the processing of the sources of information electronically, which is beneficial to the university in terms of providing budgets for libraries, and rising research and educational process quality at the university on the other hand. Since it helps to maximize the utilization of these resources for all members of the academic and research community in Egypt.

Automating work processes at the University of Beni Suef libraries and linking betweenthose external libraries and libraries of Egyptian universities through the Egyptian Universities Network.

     The development of the digital library of the University of Beni Suef, including those related databases, electronic books and periodicals and theses ... so as to provide easy and interactive ways for all the sources of information that you need educational and research purposes and the university access.
Build a unified index of holdings Beni Suef University libraries, thereby maximizing the benefit from the services and the elimination of redundancy is desirable both in acquisitions or technical operations, as well as achieving uniformity in the work between libraries procedures by relying on international specifications and standards, and the adoption of uniform policies help to take advantage of the programs numerous cooperative such as the cooperative acquisition, cataloging and cooperative, and the exchange of inter-library loan.
Provide an interactive exchange of information, including inter-library loan, document delivery, electronic reference services, and ongoing briefing and selective dissemination of information, either through the electronic gate that provided by the Supreme Council of Universities or automated system for managing library services (future system Future).
The provision of and access to electronic sources of information from books and research local and international scientific and messages to all students and faculty members through participation in global databases, which are available to use through the university network, as well as from home to achieve maximum benefit.
Build a digital repository of messages university and periodicals issued by the University of Beni Suef, including help to activate the electronic content in them so as to ensure optimization of them and published in accordance with international standards for electronic publishing allow that.
The project's achievements
The contract between the University of Beni Suef and the Supreme Council of Universities signed on 01.01.2008
Equipped place for the headquarters, and rehabilitation to use, and is currently processing a new place at the headquarters of the unit interval of 7 projects Faculty of Commerce, will be equipped to take place where the project exercises.
The work of field visits periodically (weekly) by the management of the project (in the first phase of the project) to libraries colleges beneficiary of the project is to identify the most important obstacles to the work and determine the actual needs them in order to accomplish the desired of them, has the project management solving these problems, directing all possibilities toward resolving it
Distribution guide helps to use the system (future) by the workers Libraries specialist libraries chosen in the first phase for guidance in identifying the system.
Follow-up to the international information network connected to (Internet) to all university faculties to facilitate work mechanization library system.
It was purchased (12) computer equipment to the high potential, and distributed to the beneficiaries of the project libraries, in addition to the delivery bar code devices, and rating plans and lists of standard subject headings to the technical procedures used to work
The mechanization of work (8) colleges libraries in the first phase of the project is / Arts, education, industrial education, nursing, human medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, Alalom.oadkhal data holdings of books, letters and journals
The work of training courses at regular intervals to specialist libraries to be trained on the system used in the automation of the technical and administrative processes, and to raise their efficiency in completing the work.
Action intensive training courses for masters of faculty will enable them to deal with global databases offered by the Supreme Council of Universities in partnership with the university, whether from within or from outside the university members.
For a large number of teaching on their own account staff members can benefit from the project services, foremost of which is their access to international research published, whether in the form of abstracts or full text, as well as the ability to recognize holdings Beni Suef University libraries, and libraries of other universities in detail through the unified index for university libraries, in addition to other services such as document delivery, and add scientific research on WEB sites for saving time and effort during working inside libraries, where they are through the system do all the procedures and activities electronically, and thus directed potential workers to provide the service to beneficiaries and add good services.